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Signature Program

WINGS Signature Program is an academically accredited, highly structured, results-oriented 10-month leadership development program. It aims to transform women on the cusp of leadership into impactful leaders. It combines intensive leadership training, high-touch mentorship, and career coaching to transform women’s mindset, behaviors, and actions to highlight them as leaders everywhere.

Accredited by Augustana University; mentees can earn 9 graduate credits.




What You Will Learn

  • Impactful Communication: Learn to amplify your voice, strengthen public speaking skills, and improve interpersonal communications.
  • Influential Leadership: Build impactful relationships, trusted network, and improve influence through collaboration.
  • Professional Acumen: Improve decision making, discernment, and strategic thinking. Learn to be an inclusive leader.
  • Build executive presence: Build your personal brand. Learn to find RIGHT opportunities and navigate to the top.
  • Mentoring Best Practices: Cultivate mentoring skills. Pay-it-forward by mentoring leaders of the next generation.

Our Transformative Learning Approach

WINGS Signature Program aims to comprehensively transform Mentees into impactful leaders through practicing and applying leadership skills. This is achieved through five holistic, transformative components:

  • Transform Mindset: WINGS Mentees improve their understanding of their innate leadership skills and learn how to lead with confidence, courage, and authenticity.
  • Transform Behaviors: WINGS Mentees systematically uncover limiting behaviors that stymie their leadership growth and design actionable steps to change them.
  • Transform Actions: WINGS Mentees’ leadership progress is systematically monitored through ongoing leadership evaluations and assessments.
  • Transform into a Leader: WINGS Mentees step into their leadership roles by completing a community-based capstone project with WINGS Nonprofit partners.
  • Transform into a Mentor: WINGS Mentees learn mentoring best practices by mentoring the next generation of women leaders.


- Oprah Winfrey

Game-Changing Results

Accountability and ability to measure success is key to WINGS evaluation and we do it effectively…


  • Gained confidence in their leadership capacity
  • Developed a solid career plan and roadmap
  • Paired effectively with an executive mentor
  • Increased leadership skills through workshops
  • Supported by WINGS community


  • Saw positive leadership growth in Mentees.

Accelerated path to leadership role

Found Mentee Matching process the most valuable part of the program

Entered into advanced leadership roles
Gained strong decision making skills