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WINGS' Neighborhood is an open and collaborative community where professional women learn and practice leadership skills, share their experiences, and learn from experts. It offers a casual and self-paced approach to leadership development.

Our Neighborhood is diverse and inclusive, industry-agnostic, and open to all.

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  • WINGS’ Neighborhood is an initiative to discuss real-life experiences of senior executive leaders in a virtual neighborhood setup and practice skills with others who are on a similar leadership journey.
  • Neighborhood unlocks access to many resources such as webinars, books, podcasts, TED Talks that will help you navigate your leadership journey.
  • WINGS Neighborhood is a safe learning space where you have the opportunity to network with many like-minded mentors, coaches, and advisers.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn From Experts
    • Showing Up As a Leader Podcast
    • WINGS Webinars
  • Develop a Leadership Development Plan and Practice New Skills
    • Develop a Leadership Development Plan
    • Tools/ Learning: Explore external resources from podcasts, videos, book lists and articles
  • Connect and Collaborate
    • Career Advice Community Q and A Board
    • WINGS News
    • Volunteer

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