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WINGS Signature program is about teaching women to invest in themselves so they can create their own opportunities and invite others to join.


Seane Marie Edwards


“Earlier in my career, I had moved to New York City in pursuit of my passion. I had hopes and dreams of being a smart and successful CEO. Almost a decade later in a a few jobs and several 80 hour work weeks, I realized I had lost my purpose and passion. WINGS helped me find it back in recognizing my passion in its application process itself, through its program and an awesome mentor, Terry Coull!”



“As the leader of the fledgling startup webFlutter, my mentor Susan Michel keeps me focused on my strengths. Strengths move an organization forward, over the bumps and forks in the road to success.”



“WINGS made me realize my blind spots and reminded me of where I stood now versus where I should be standing. My mentor has given me tremendous confidence and fresh point of view. My mentor, Chaya Pamula, has taught me how to respond better and positively reflect on myself.”



“As Phil Collins once said “In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn”. The gift of the WINGS program is getting to experience and see great leaders helping future great leaders and in return helping each other. As mentors it is amazing meeting such talented individuals such as MJ. Through discussions and learning it is exciting seeing mentees identify the amazing talents that they often do not see in themselves. The WINGS program has been a gift to us all”



“As they say, “we all live and learn” and “we learn from our ups and downs “- we learn more from our downs than anywhere else. As long we share our experiences that can benefit other in some way it becomes beneficial to that individual. When I first spoke with Shon Green, my mentee, I realized she is bright, smart and highly ambitious. With little guidance here and there, I realize that she could achieve what she wants as she has what it takes. WINGS is a wonderful cause and I am happy to be part of it.”



“I have been nurturing and mentoring for a year now, with WINGS for Growth. This cause is close to my heart as my daughter is a woman leader herself. What I like is about WINGS is their methodology and framework that they have. It makes me and my mentee, Mamata Vaidya, accountable. We talk regularly and Mamata tells me during our Friday calls, that the data points and the guidance I gave, are very useful in her job to develop herself as a leader and to go after her dreams and ambitions. I am really glad to be part of the organization and that I am part of a woman leader’s ambitions and dreams.”



“Over the last 10 months I have had the privilege of mentoring Sumaiya Rahim. The journey has been quite exciting with several learning and teaching moments for both of us. There is a famous quote by Plutarch – “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” I believe that the mentoring framework pioneered by WINGS has this at its heart. WINGS has been successful in identifying women in early stages of their career who have the thirst for self-improvement and paired them with mentors like myself who can work with them to kindle their inner fire. I realized that I have had several strong mentors in my life who have enabled me to be who I am. I believe I heard Varsha say once “Mentors are career parents”. Being a mother of two, I instantly knew what that meant – I had to take accountability for Sumaiya’s success. Be truthful and authentic with her, encourage her, be available and open. As we come to the conclusion of this mentorship session, I would like to encourage Sumaiya to consider me her career parent and feel free to reach out to me whenever she needs to talk and celebrate with me when she reaches new career highs!”



“It is with great honor I write this testimonial. I was immediately drawn to the WINGS for Growth Program because of its passion and commitment to developing young talented women. I wanted to further develop my business and leadership potential while inspiring, enabling and empowering others to become leaders of the future. WINGS helped me develop the self-assurance I needed to take on a leadership role within my career”



“I joined WINGS as a champion because I feel strongly about coaching and mentoring women who are stuck in their current situation. This program offers a lot of support and guidance for these women in a structured and effective way. I am a huge proponent of the WINGS development plan and tracking progress against it. My mentees definitely progressed well given the upfront investment in the plan. There is a noticeable difference in their leadership skills. They exhibit so much more courage and confidence in their abilities and also future direction/goals. I am extremely pleased to have been part of this amazing organization and look forward to my future involvement in supporting women in their leadership journey.”



“I lacked confidence to join active workforce after taking a long break. WINGS provided me with the platform to develop my leadership skills. My mentor, Sarah Rodgershas guided me through the WINGS leadership methodology to build my confidence that I was praised by the Mayor of Bridgewater, NJ recently for my leadership at an event, I conducted!”


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Women's careers take flight through WINGS for Growth BRIDGEWATER – [...]


Women's careers take flight through WINGS for Growth BRIDGEWATER – [...]


Women's careers take flight through WINGS for Growth BRIDGEWATER – [...]