WINGS’ for Growth creates opportunities for women to
have a seat at the table or create their own table and
invite others to join!

WINGS for Growth encourages women to invest in themselves so that they can rise to the levels of their highest potential and lead others to do the same.

Being a sponsor to WINGS doesn’t mean enriching women in Corporate America, or serving a billionaire’s interests or feeding an endless need of a nonprofit. By merely making the woman in any household independent and lead by example we are contributing to our society’s economic, social, and emotional well-being.

Why Consider Being A WINGS’ Sponsor?

The Time is NOW

The tide is rising on the social equality of women leadership. It takes a village for this to happen and you cannot let your experience and intentions to develop women leaders stagnate.

The positive effects

Your sponsorship and its recognition is a public testament to your belief and support of women leadership development and its effects on the emerging women leaders around you.

Leading by example

Your sponsorship will help WINGS develop women to lead with unshakable confidence and courage. Their actions and success stories will set examples for others to lead.

WINGS’ For Growth Needs Your Support …
We Rise By Lifting Others!


Sponsor a workshop



Sponsor two Mentees for the Signature program



Be a Catalyst with 20 other Business Leaders



Be WINGS ambassador and promote Diversity and Inclusion in your State


Please contact WINGS management to receive sponsorship package

[email protected]