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WINGS Champions celebrate the opportunity to find purpose in a mentee’s journey. They are the connectors between mentor and mentee while keeping the WINGS leadership team abreast of the progress of their engagements. While participation as a Champion in WINGS is voluntary, we are looking for committed and passionate women and men who are willing to support the program.

Apply to be A Champion

A WINGS’ Champion Is…

  • Has over 10 years of project management experience
  • Is an Innate teacher
  • Has the ability to manage risk proactively
  • Has the ability to build and manage relationships leading to success
  • Can provide career guidance to mentees as required.
  • Will persevere in following through engagement tasks
  • Has the ability to assist mentee in creating her learning development plan

Champions are WINGS’ on the ground advisors and closely aligned to WINGS program methodology. Champions work in close collaboration with their assigned mentors in their engagement, ensuring that the mentee’s development plan is well defined; progress is being closely monitored and documented. They contribute to the evolution of WINGS current methodology.

Championing At WINGS’

  • Manage minimum two engagements (2 mentor/mentee pairs) for 10 months
  • Meet once per week for the first 6-8 weeks and at least once per month thereafter
  • Conduct the monthly check-in process
  • Assist mentors and mentees in coming up with a development plan following guideline in WINGS methodology
  • Play a role as an advisor to WINGS program management team
  • Leverage their network and experience to help mentees achieve their objectives
  • Play a role as a secondary mentor if needed, in case primary mentor is unavailable for an extended period of time
  • Assist mentees in identifying a practice project
  • Assist in evolving methodology and the program as needed
  • Attend connectivity events to support mentees and the organization
  • Engagements conclude successfully with a high percentage of success – this is measured by using the development plan and direct feedback from the mentor and mentee
  • Mentors and mentees feel supported throughout the program
  • Champions will stage engage and maybe become mentor themselves
  • Successfully met all requirements from WINGS Program management

Our Champions


Arthy Krishnamurthy

Principal Consultant at Wipro


Naveed Iqbal

Director - Global Head of Trade Technology, Citi


Ivonne Mejía

IT Project Management, Sonoma State University


Jenna Mikus

Founder, Eudae Group


Gita Natarajan

Program Manager at BD


Varsha Waishampayan

CEO and Founder WINGSforGrowth


Josiane Peluso

Director, Sales and Marketing at UnitedHealth Group


Purvi Patel

Head of Business Operations, The Madison Square Garden Company